About the Common English Bible and the Lenten Blog Tour

The Common English BibleLast fall, the Common English Bible (CEB) was introduced with the release of the New Testament. This new translation represents the work of more than 500 men and women from 22 faith traditions, including 118 translators, 10 editors and 77 reading group leaders. The translation work began in 2008 and will end in Fall 2011, with the release of the complete Bible, including the Apocrypha.

The Common English Bible is not simply a revision or an update of an existing translation. It is a bold, new translation designed to meet the needs of Christians as they work to build a strong and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The CEB is written at a comfortable level for more than half of all English readers by translating ancient everyday speaking styles into modern English. The end goal being this: A translation that is relevant, readable and reliable will enhance church worship and participation, and personal Bible study.

The Lenten Blog Tour strives to show this new translation in use with Christian writers, pastors and thinkers from diverse backgrounds and denominations. Each day, from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday, a different blogger will write a post on a specific passage of scripture. Read the insights of these bloggers as they reflect on the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus—and its implications for us all—as it’s translated in the CEB. Then, share the Word with others.

Visit the Common English Bible website for more resources, like free downloads, a passage lookup tool and a translation comparison chart, and to purchase Bible studies and Bibles, including the CEB Outreach Edition. Share your favorite CEB verses and your insights on this new translation on our Reading the Bible Facebook fan page. And follow the CEB on Twitter.

To spread the word about the Lenten Blog Tour, we’d be grateful if you would post the blog tour button (above) on your blog or website. Simply save the jpg to your computer, upload it to your site and create the link to www.lentenblogtour.com. The Lenten Blog Tour was developed and is managed for the CEB by C. Grant & Company.


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