Participating Bloggers

We are pleased and excited to have engaged such a diverse and thoughtful group of Christ-centered bloggers. As such, we encourage you to follow both the tour and the ongoing reflections on these exceptional blogs. Thanks to each and every participating blogger for making the Lenten Blog Tour a meaningful medium for sharing the Common English Bible and reliving the Passion.

is the author of Green Mama: The Guilt-Free Guide to Helping You and Your Kids Save the Planet and the Green Mama blog who writes about ways to pull resources and people together to make a difference every day. She mothers three young children, speaks and writes for MOPS International, FullFill Magazine, Sojourners and other publications, is a member of Redbud Writers Guild, and serves as the Coordinator of Women’s Ministry at Christ Church of Oak Brook, just outside of Chicago.

is a Christian teacher and writer who lives with his wife, two kids and a cat in Houston, TX. They are fed at Bear Creek United Methodist Church. He blogs at Authentic Light, where to humanity’s problems he offers, not today’s fashionable ideas, but the solid footing, adventure, romance and power of the ancient Christian Movement – and its Leader, Jesus of Nazareth.

is an author, a church historian and a Disciples of Christ pastor who is currently serving as pastor of  Central Woodward Christian Church in Troy, MI. A regular contributor to Theolog (blog of the Christian Century) and [D]mergent, Bob shares thoughts and opinions that might benefit the whole church – local, denominational and ecumenical – on his blog, Ponderings on a Faith Journey.

is a small town pastor, with a passion for emergent church worship practices, who is trying to live simply and enjoy life with her husband, her kittens and her church community. On her blog, Salvaged Faith, she focuses her writing and thinking on theology and the human condition on television, worship, community and the messy stuff of life.

is a a writer, skeptic and Christ-follower from Dayton, Tennessee. She is the author of a spiritual memoir, Evolving in Monkey Town: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions, and an experimental memoir (tentatively) titled A Year of Biblical Womanhood that will be released in 2012. She enjoys speaking, blogging, traveling, playing poker and continually reassess the fundamental elements of Christianity in the context of a postmodern environment.

is a critically acclaimed, award-winning religion columnist and author. Trying to “find God in the places some people say God isn’t supposed to be,” Cathleen has covered her diverse “God beat” from locations as far afield as Vatican City, Vedic City, Ireland, Germany, the Caribbean, the West Wing, the Playboy Mansion, the dugout at Wrigley Field and on her blog, The Dude Abides. Cathleen lives in Southern California with her husband and son Vasco who the couple recently adopted from Malawi in Central Africa.

husband, father, seminary student, pastor and Jesus lover, serves a wonderful congregation outside of Pittsburg, PA. On his blog, Divine Crash, he writes about the intersection of Divinity and humanity and what happens when the divine crashes into the dirty.

is a wife, mother, journalist and freelance writer with particular interests in parenting, family life and international health and development. In addition to keeping up her blog at Love You More, she writes a regular column and feature stories for the Chicago Tribune, writes for her.meneutics, Christianity Today’s blog for women and is a member of Redbud Writers Guild. Her book, Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter, will be published in summer 2011 by Thomas Nelson.

is a husband, dad, pastor, backpacker, baseball fan, avid reader, scifi nerd, music lover and practicing theologian. On his blog Expatriate Faith at the Houston Chronicle’s religion portal, he writes about things, trust, serving the living God and living in a place that isn’t our true home.

is lead pastor at Denver Community Church and passionate about creating a community who follows Jesus, journeys together and demonstrates God’s love to all people. He writes about faith, life, poverty, justice, community and the way we can live out the teachings of Jesus in our context on his blog.

is passionate about alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through microfinance, making his work with HOPE International far more than just a day job. He and his wife, Alli, are active in building community, families and hope in the urban areas of Denver, CO, and recently welcomed their first child. He writes about all of this and more on the blog Smorgasblurb.

is a full-time dad to his four-year-old daughter, Director of Music at a small United Methodist Church in West Nashville and a singer with the Nashville Symphony Chorus. He enjoys reading and blogging about theology, Bible translations and fatherhood. His Bible collection, which is growing at an alarming rate, includes more than 170 different Bibles, in 60 translations and six languages.

is a one-time husband, a three-time father and the full-time pastor of Squyres United Methodist Church in Ragley, LA. His blog, Spirit Stirrer, has become a medium for conversation about life together as Christian people.

is an acclaimed author, speaker, blogger and president of WhitbyForum, calling women to deeper theological reflection and greater responsibility as members of the Body of Christ. She serves on the editorial advisory board of  Gifted for Leadership and is founder and president of the Synergy Women’s Network, which co-sponsors annual Synergy conferences for women engaged or emerging in vocational ministry. Her most recent book is Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women.

is an ordained elder of the United Methodist Church, a human-powered transportation advocate, a DIY filmmaker and the associate pastor at the UMC of Geneva in Illinois’ Fox Valley. His preaching and his blog, The Unfiltered Wesleyan, explore how holiness extends beyond constructs and into community, and how the best proclamation is persistent living and relationship.

is lead pastor at Mt Etna UMC in Mt Etna, IN, husband to a wonderful woman and father to two amazingly great kids. His blog Lead Follower reflects his desire to lead others through relationship and service to Christ.

is passionate about providing spiritual encouragement for those seeking a deeper experience of God. Writer, speaker, teacher, blogger and retreat leader, she’s authored and co-authored several books, including Deeper into the Word: Reflections on 100 Words from the New Testament, and is a regular contributor to publications like Today’s Christian Woman and MomSense. Keri is a member of Willow Creek Community Church and Redbud Writers Guild, and lives in Illinois with her husband and two children.

is a New Testament professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of the book Unlocking Romans: Resurrection and the Justification of God. He writes a blog, Storied Theology, to tell the story of a story-bound God because he believes the Bible is important, he has something to say about it and he appreciates the conversation.

lives in Indiana with his wife and son. He is finishing up a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and is a pastor at a church in Indianapolis. He enjoys blogging and reading about culture, music, theology, life in the Midwest and how they all intersect.

is a husband, father, pastor, biker, grillmaster, blogger and minister at Crestview Church of Christ in Waco, Texas. On his blog A Place for the God Hungry, Jim writes about culture, love, leadership, compassion, marriage, friendship, coffee and Jesus.

is an ordained United Methodist Elder in western Pennsylvania, with four lovely children and the world’s most beautiful woman for a wife. As a pastor of JUMC in Jefferson Hills and a blogger, he has a passion to see the Church faithful in its calling to be the unified, disciple-making, Bread-breaking, Cup-sharing, Bible-studying, optimistic Body of Christ.

is Senior Minister of The Palisades Community Church in Northwest Washington D.C. He has worked in a variety of hunger, homeless, church development, domestic violence, affordable housing, GLBT advocacy, civil rights, interfaith and ecumenical issues in Chicago, Austin, New England, Louisiana and Washington D.C. He’s also a poet and a blogger.

author of Tribal Church: Ministering to a Missing Generation and Reframing Hope: Vital Ministry in a New Generation, is becoming known globally as one who can teach the church how to engage young adults on their own terms. Pastor of Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC, Carol leads a congregation that started a food and social services program for homeless men and women, an art program for children in transitional housing and a program providing help for prostitutes. She blogs at The Huffington Post, Duke Divinity’s Faith and Leadership blog, and, her co-hosted blog, God Complex Radio.

is a former part-time local pastor in the United Methodist Church and a lay member of First UMC in Bloomington, Indiana. He teaches business communication at Indiana University in the Kelley School of Business and stays busy as a husband, father and blogger.

is author of the recently released Global Soccer Mom: Changing the World Is Easier Than You Think, blogger, speaker, member of Redbud Writers Guild, mama of three and outspoken advocate in the fight against extreme poverty and Global AIDS. One of the original members of the ONE Campaign, The Campaign to Make Poverty History and sits on the executive board of directors for Upendo Village, an HIV/AIDS clinic in Kenya and Growers First, Shayne lives in Wheaton, IL, with her family and spends most of her days driving carpool and doing mountains of laundry.

After trying her hand as a radio disc jockey, barista, community organizer and day care teacher, Katie McKay Simpson is now Minister of Discipleship and Evangelism at First United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge, where she gets to help people feel welcome in the Church and be an advocate for those in need. She blogs about life and ministry at Stages on the Way.

lead pastor at Ginghamsburg Church, is the three-decade dreamer of Ginghamsburg and the spiritual entrepreneur of ministry marketplace innovations. His life-long passion to reach the lost and set the oppressed free has made him a tireless and leading advocate for the children, women and men of Darfur, Sudan, named by the U.N. as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. Mike’s call to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted is proclaimed regularly on his blog. He is also the author of multiple books, including Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus and Upside Living in a Downside Economy.

has worked in Christian radio, television, retailing and publishing. He’s currently an editor and content manager at the United Methodist Publishing House, a certified lay speaker for the UMC and author of the blog Faith Experience, writing about practical Christianity for radical Christians.

is a husband, father, third-generation Filipino/Chinese American, pastor, mediocre guitarist and drummer, Oakland A’s FANatic, motorcycle enthusiast and total post-modern, culturally creative BOBO-fied Presbyterian follower of Jesus. An ordained minister since 1995, this California native is the founding pastor of Mission Bay Community Church in San Franscisco. He blogs about the intersection/s between faith, justice, culture and politics and more.

is a Christ-follower, husband, father, shepherd-teacher, speaker, ordained Southern Baptist preacher and author of the blog New Leaven. Here, he reflects his journey through Scripture and theology, while tackling important Life-related issues.

is privileged to be married to the finest female on the planet, to be the father of two fantastic children, to serve as the preaching minister with the Missouri Street Church of Christ in Baytown, TX, and, most of all, to simply serve Jesus Christ. He blogs regularly as Preacher Smith.

is a writer, speaker, teacher and native of Finland. She writes on things related to Christian spirituality, Christian living, spiritual formation, growing in faith and what it is to be a follower of Christ in today’s world on her blog Flowing Faith.

Speaker, teacher, author and activist, Margot Starbuck lives in Durham, NC, with her husband Peter and their three marvelously made children. Margot is the confessions editor of Geez Magazine’s Sinner’s Corner and author of The Girl in the Orange Dress: Searching for a Father Who Does Not Fail and Unsqueezed: Springing Free from Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, Highlights and Stilettos. She blogs about identity, beauty, adoption, the poor and marginalized and what it really means to be God’s beloved.

is a M.Th. student at Tabor Adelaide, minister at Happy Valley Church of Christ in South Australia, full member of the Society of Biblical Literature and contributing blogger at Near Emmaus.

was called by God to be a pastor and is passionate about church planting and creative ways of connecting new generations to Jesus. Both he and his wife serve as pastors for the UMC in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. On his blog (Ir)Regular Christian, he writes about Jesus and the Christian faith and how they intersect with all aspects of our culture.

stays busy as a wife, mom, speaker, writer and leader in student and family ministry at Hope Church in Richmond, VA. She’s contributing editor to Gifted for Leadership, advisory board member for Synergy, part of the leadership blog Fulfill, a columnist with and a regular contributor to her blog The Stubborn Servant.

is a husband, father, Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry at the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, theologian, biblical scholar, pop culture junkie, and political dilettante.  His blog is an archive of his musings on life and his calling as a religious leader.

is a pastor, blogger, geek, author and community activist who is trying to live out Christ’s command to love God with all heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love our neighbor as ourself. Involved in the early days of the emerging church conversation, Jay continues to challenge the church to live up to its radical calling as senior pastor of the Old Hickory United Methodist Church in Northeast Nashville. He’s written for several different publications and currently blogs at Only Wonder Understands.

is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church who serves as pastor of a contemporary service in Alpharetta, GA. He frequently blogs about Christianity as it exists in relation to popular culture, as well as ideas that emerge from his sermons and church work. Passionate about music, Brent plays guitar, writes songs and collects vinyl records. He is a long-suffering Georgia Tech football fan and runs barefoot as a hobby—and, yes, he can afford shoes. He is married to Lisa and has three kids—Elisa, 11, Townshend, 9, and Ian, 6.

likes to challenge the status quo and to encourage, enable and empower change agents. Writer, preacher, father, musician and teacher, Landon Whitsitt co-hosts God Complex Radio with Carol Howard Merritt and writes at The Metanoia Project blog, where he offers thoughts on theology, spirituality and the Church.

are proud parents of Ethan and Sarah who they adopted from Korea. Joleen is pastor at West Side UMC and Randy is pastor at Centre Grove UMC in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. They blog about life and leadership at Willis Wired.

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