Lent is over…but you can remain in the Word

Thanks for following the Lenten Blog Tour. We hope you were blessed by the reflections of our wonderful bloggers and by reading some familiar passages in a new Bible translation. If you are interested in learning more about the Common English Bible, please check out our website and follow us on Twitter for regular updates, special offers and verses from this new translation. We also have a Facebook fan page called Reading the Bible where we post passages and Bible helps and resources. You’ll find an occasional contest on this fan page as well, with excellent prizes. We think you’ll want to “like” it!

Above all, we encourage you to remain in the Word. Read it. Listen to it. Reflect on it. Share it. Our hope is that the Common English Bible will make it easier for many to do this.

Blessings to you!


About Lenten Blog Tour

Throughout Lent, you’re invited to experience God's promises and Christ’s passion through the lens of a new Bible translation. Follow the Lenten Blog Tour day by day from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday and discover 41 Old and New Testament passages in the fresh, new Common English Bible, brought to light with meaningful reflections from 41 thoughtful, inviting voices.
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